Engine Work

At Race HQ we offer a full engine refresh and tuning service for most types of engine from road, race & motorcross. The workshop carries all the necessary equipment to undertake this work. This includes a Swiss made Mira valve seat cutting machine, lathe, Carmec SG330 head and block facer, Dynojet 250i Dyno, AC tig welder, hot parts washer and expensive measuring equipment.

Engine Refresh

During the refresh process, the engine will be stripped and all individual components will be assessed for damage or wear to manufacturers specifications. The worn or damaged parts will then be replaced before reassembly. During reassembly, the crank will be plastiguaged to check clearances and the correct shells will be selected and fitted. Cam timing will be checked and dialled in where applicable. All gaskets and seals will be replaced with genuine parts.

Head Work

Valve seat cutting / seat replacement - We can recut valve seats or replace damaged seats using our Swiss made Mira valve seat machine. If your engine has dropped a valve and damaged the seat and chamber sometimes it can be repaired rather than replacing the cylinder head. In many cases a dropped valve also results in damage to the valve guide, we can also replace these if necessary. Our new seats are better quality than the OEM seats and will improve valve life especially on titanium valves. Most modern bike heads now run titanium valves so no valve lapping is allowed. Valve seats are tested with the machines built in vacuum machine to ensure a perfect seal and maximum performance.

Head Skim

Cylinder head skimming is used to increase the compression ratio of the engine or fix damaged and distorted heads. We are able to resurface cylinder heads of most vehicles, from small cars, jet skis, motorbikes and boats. As well as cylinder heads we can also resurface cylinder blocks and manifolds if they are damaged or distorted. We use PCD cutting inserts to ensure a mirror like finish on aluminium heads.

Injector cleaning, matching, balancing

Fuel injectors are checked for fuel delivery, fuel atomisation, fuel distribution and droplet formation. The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced. The injectors are then retested to make sure all injectors are matched and delivering the same amount of fuel.
Whatever you need, servicing or repair, fork seals serviced, engine refresh/rebuild, brake pads, road or race tyres, MOT, a replacement exhaust, new chain & sprockets, we will be more than happy to help.