Motorcycle MOTs were first introduced in 1960 for vehicles 10 years old and over for brakes, steering and lighting. In 1968 tyres were added to the list, emissions in 1991 and the system became computerised in 2005.

An MOT test is checking for roadworthiness, environmental factors and legality.

The current standard (maximum) cost of a Motorcycle MOT is £29.65

Daytime MOT’s are also available for motorcycles. These are issued to Motorcycles which are used only in clear visibility conditions i.e. daylight. A VT32 will be issued alongside your normal MOT certificate which confirms the daytime/visibility restrictions which applies. Daytime MOT’s are applicable to classic bike owners which do not have lights fitted originally, or off road bike/track bike owners who want to make their bike road legal.

Any authorised MOT centre can issue a daytime MOT certificate with a VT32 advisory note if your bike meets the test criteria.

Daytime MOT requirements:

  • Your bike must “have neither front nor rear position lamps” or have such lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked that are only to be used in daylight hours and not to be be used in times of reduced visibility.
  • If a stop lamp is fitted it must meet the requirements of the inspection
  • Registration plate must be fitted
  • An audible warning device (horn) A horn is defined as an instrument, not being a bell, gong or siren, capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of the approach or the position of a vehicle.

We offer a motorcycle MOT testing service from Monday to Saturday within our advertised opening hours. You are more than welcome to leave your bike with us (if it is not convenient to wait) and collect it later.