Engine Work

At Race HQ we offer a full engine refresh service for most types of engine from Road, race & motocross. During the refresh process, the engine will be stripped and all individual components will be assessed for damage or wear to manufacturers specifications. The worn or damaged parts will then be replaced before reassembly. During reassembly the crank will be plastiguaged to check clearances and the correct shells will be selected and fitted.

Valve seats will be re-faced and valves will be lapped where applicable. Valve clearances will be checked and re-shimmed where applicable.

Cam timing will be checked and dialled in where applicable.

All gaskets and seals will be replaced with genuine parts.

Top end refresh – £350 + VAT  + Parts if head removed from engine

Full engine refresh – £750 + VAT + Parts if engine removed from bike

Injector cleaning, matching, balancing – £18 + VAT per injector

Fuel injectors are checked for fuel delivery, fuel atomisation, fuel distribution and droplet formation. The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced. The injectors are then retested to make sure all injectors are matched and delivering the same amount of fuel.

Motocross Engine Rebuild Service £300+ VAT + Parts 

The price advertised is the cost of the labour to, strip, clean and assess and rebuild an engine for you

It does NOT include the parts required to rebuild/service your engine, these are ADDITIONAL to the price advertised.

We can offer you the choice of what brand parts you want to you use from the following brand names:

Wiseco, Wossner, Prox, Mitaka, Genuine

Parts which will normally be replaced in a rebuild service include:

Full Gasket Set, Full Oil Seal Set, Piston Kit (piston, rings, gudgeon pin & circlips), Pair of Main Bearings, valve shims) if required)

Other optional service parts that could be replaced if required would be: 

Clutch basket, clutch centre hub, clutch pressure plate, clutch plate kit, complete crankshaft or conrod kit, gearbox bearings, valves, cam chain etc.

Engines are returned after rebuild empty of oil and will require filling on refitting to frame 

We also have full rolling road facilities to set your fuelling/ carburation correctly.