Dyno Tuning

Race HQ use a Dynapro S68 Load Control dyno and are authorized Dynojet Powercommander Dealers

The S68LC Chassis Dynamometer has been designed and developed to enable the user to carry out a more complete range of tests. Full ‘Closed Loop’ control enables a vast range of tests to be made with the minimum of effort. Wind Drag, sweep and step testing, constant loading are just some of the features of the DynaPro S68LC.

With our advanced dyno facilities, we can fully optimize the performance of your machine, providing increased horsepower, smoother power delivery, crisper throttle response and optimal fuel consumption

One of our dyno technicians has attended the Motorsport Academy in Australia where he has undertaken an Advanced Engine Tuning training course using Motec electronics!

We don’t just set up Dynojet Power Commanders, we can also supply, fit and set up Bazzaz Fuel injection units, Yamaha Kit ECU’s etc.

We can now Reflash Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki ECUs.  

This not only works out as one of the most cost effective methods but also can provide better response and gains than mapping through an aftermarket fueling unit. Please note we flash the bikes on the Dyno so the ecu is set up perfectly for you modifications, not just a generic map that some companies just put into the ecu for less money.

Call us to discuss your personal fuelling requirements


  • Custom flashing of Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki ECU's from £400 inc Vat
  • Dynojet Powercommander’s fitted and set up on the Dyno from just £520 inc. VAT
  • Dynojet kits fitted and set up on the Dyno from just £290.00 inc. VAT
  • Diagnostic & Power Runs just £45 inc. print out of power & torque, we’ll also advise on any areas we believe require attention to get you the best possible performance & reliability from your machine.
  • Suzuki ECU Remaps £180
  • Yamaha Kit ECU’s setup from £195
  • Mail in ECU reflash from £160

Video of a 2012 ZX10R we flashed the ECU on to include quickshifter, launch control and pit limiter

BMW K1300 Power commander V custom map